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Suntech offers installation of open-loop and closed-loop geothermal systems. We specialize in systems from WaterFurnace and ClimateMaster (an Oklahoma-based company). Our installers are factory certified.

WHAT is Geothermal? Heat pumps in geothermal systems take advantage of the earth's constant temperature (50-60 degrees Fahrenheit) since this temperature is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than surface air temperatures. These systems transfer heat from the earth into your home or business in the winter and pull the heat into the earth for cooling in the summer.

Want to know more? - check out these websites:

  • The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) geothermal heat pump website.
  • WaterFurnace's website on geothermal energy.
  • ClimateMaster's website on residential geothermal.
  • ClimateMaster Products website.
  • ClimateMaster Geothermal concepts brochure.

WHY go with a Geothermal System? These systems take advantage of a renewable energy source, the earth's temperature, therefore saving money on the cost of heating and cooling your home or business. There is the added advantage of Governmental rebates for taking advantage of this renewable energy resource.

Rebate Information:

  • City of Edmond Heat Pump Rebate Info webpage
  • City of Edmond 15.0 EER Air-Source Heat Pumps- $250/ton
  • City of Edmond 16.0 SEER Ground-Source (Geo-Thermal) Heat Pumps- $800/ton **Ask about loop leasing**
  • City of Edmond New Air-Conditioning units with SEER rating of 16.0 or higher- $100/ton
  • OG&E Geothermal Info webpage
  • OG&E geothermal rebate ($375 per ton rebate on geothermal heatpump systems)
  • Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (OEC) Rebate info webpage
  • Oklahoma Electric Cooperative geothermal heatpump $1000/ton with 5000$ maximum
  • Central Rural Electric Cooperative (CREC) Energy Efficiency Page webpage
  • Central Rural Electric Cooperative geothermal heatpump $750/ton with De-Super Heater
  • Cimmarron Electric COOP geothermal rebate $500/ton
  • ***ASK ABOUT LOOP LEASING*** Caddo Electric COOP Geothermal Loop Program webpage
  • Caddo Electric COOP geothermal heatpump $650/ton with De-Super Heater
  • Caddo Electric COOP geothermal heatpump $450/ton without De-Super Heater
  • Federal tax credits for energy efficiency from Energy Star website. (up to 30% Federal Tax Credit)
  • Energy Star Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling brochure.
  • DSIRE website outlining Oklahoma state incentives and policies for renewables and efficiency.
  • WaterFurnace Geothermal Tax Credits webpage.
  • ClimateMaster Geothermal Tax Credits webpage.
  • Suntech knows geothermal - call us today for more information and a quote.