CK Energy Geothermal Savings

Attention Western Oklahoma home owners!  You are eligible for HUGE savings on an upgrade to an Ultra-High Efficiency Geothermal Unit which will save you thousands today and continue to save you money every year on your energy bills!

If you live within the green boundaries on the map you are eligible to receive the following savings on an upgrade to a Geothermal unit that will lower your energy costs substantially and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • $1000 per ton OFF the unit provided by CK Energy
  • FREE well drilling provided by CK Energy
  • Could cut your home energy costs up to 70%

Suntech is a CK Energy approved company!! Call today to have our geothermal specialist out to give you an accurate estimate for your house.

A home that is approximately 1800 sqft  would most likely need a 4 ton geothermal system. With CK Energy’s program you would be eligible for: 

  •  $4,000 rebate for your new system ($1,000 per ton)
  • CK Energy will also pay for your wells to be dug and the loops to be run which saves you between $6,000-$10,000 (depending on the scenario)

But there’s more..

  • In 2020 you also qualify for a 26% tax credit! In this example you could receive a tax credit up to $6,500!

That’s a potential savings of $14,000 PLUS what the tax credit can do for you!  This means you could potentially upgrade to a geothermal system for very little out of pocket and reduce your monthly bills substantially. 

*not all houses are eligible for this scenario. To receive a custom quote for your house, you must call a Suntech representative for a custom quote. 405-348-9743

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