Geothermal Special

Have You…

  • Moved into a home with a geothermal system?
  • Just installed a geothermal system into your home or business?
  • Had problems with keeping certain areas heated or cooled?
  • Had high or outrageous utility bills..?

Have your geo evaluated by a TRUE geothermal professional today!!

We will have a factory trained, International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA), and NATE® certified technician give you and your system the BEST service in town!

We will: –

  • Check for proper airflow
  • Check for proper air temperatures
  • Check for proper loop pressure
  • Check for proper loop temperatures
  • Check ground loop or open loop flow rates
  • Calculate ground loop heat transfer rates
  • Check for proper operation of zoning systems
  • Provide information about how your system works
  • Make written suggestions for system improvements
  • Estimate the cost of any necessary repairs

This service is now only $189.00 for one system and $129.00 for each additional system at the same physical address within the OKC and Edmond metro areas!*

*Addresses outside this area may be subject to additional mileage charges.

Call us  or email us today for more information, service, or a quote.


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