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Oklahoma residents know all too well that the weather can be tough on your HVAC or plumbing systems. Sometimes a storm or severe weather event will cause unexpected damages, leaving you in the midst of needing repairs but not sure where to start. At Suntech Heating, Plumbing, and Air, we offer 24/7 emergency services for your home’s heating,  air conditioning, and plumbing systems. Whether your AC goes out in the middle of the summer or your heater stops warming your house during the snowy winter, our team of experienced technicians is prepared to help you through whatever emergency you’re going through.

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Our 24/7 Emergency HVAC Services 

At Suntech Plumbing, Heat, & Air, we specialize in emergency HVAC repairs, installations, and other services that include: 

Emergency AC Repair

It can be unsafe to reside in your home without air conditioning during OKC’s hot and humid summers. Let our technicians assess your air conditioners to ensure proper functioning and cooling ASAP.  

Emergency Furnace Repair

We always recommend having your HVAC systems maintained to prevent damages and repairs, but sometimes furnaces break down anyway. Have a professional inspect your furnace when you need it most with our emergency furnace repair services.

Emergency Heat Pump Repair

If you have a heat pump that suddenly is giving issues, we can get to you any time or day to perform emergency heat pump repair for ultimate home comfort and energy savings. 

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Our Emergency Plumbing Services 

In addition to HVAC emergency services, we also provide reliable 24/7 emergency plumbing services that include:

Water Line Repair

A broken water pipe can easily flood your home, leaving you with wet and discolored walls, floors, and other structural damage. To stop the leak or water flow from a damaged water line, call Suntech for emergency plumbing services. Our plumbers will identify, patch up, and repair your system to get you back on track.  

Sump Pump Repair

If you have a sump pump, then it’s vital to keep it functional to prevent groundwater from flooding your home or basement. However, if there is a natural disaster or the sump pump simply gives out, then you’ll need an emergency sump pump repair.  

Gas Line Repair

If you notice a gas smell or loose connections at your gas line, don’t try to solve these issues on your own. A gas line repair should always be done by a professional, so call Suntech today and protect yourself and your family from toxic gasses like carbon monoxide.

Water Heater Repair

Sometimes water heater repair can wait, but if you’re in the middle of the winter and all you have is ice-cold water to shower with, then you’ll need an emergency water heater repair. If your water heater isn’t putting out hot water and you need it immediately, then call Suntech and one of our plumbing experts will get to you ASAP. 

Additional Emergency Services

  • Emergency gas line issues
  • Sewer line stoppages
  • Burst washing machine hoses
  • Kitchen and bathroom drain clogs
  • Frozen pipes
  • Major water leaks
  • Leaking or malfunctioning water heater
  • Toilet overflow
  • Broken sump pump
  • And more.

Signs You Need Emergency Services 

If you’re unsure as to whether you need emergency services or not, ask yourself, “Is this an emergency? Or can I wait to schedule an appointment?”. If your HVAC system has no power, you notice strange smells or noises and have poor water quality, then those are considered signs to schedule an emergency HVAC or plumbing service.   

HVAC Specific Signs

Signs to look out for in your HVAC that would qualify for an emergency service: 

  • No hot or cold air or uneven heating and cooling
  • Loud grinding, whirring, or grinding noises
  • The furnace and AC turn on and off unexpectedly
  • The blower fan is constantly running

Plumbing Specific Signs

Signs to look out for in your plumbing system that would qualify for an emergency service: 

  • No  water from taps
  • No hot or cold  water
  • Overflows, floods, and pipe bursts 
  • Poor water pressure

What To Do in an HVAC Emergency

If you’re facing an HVAC emergency, then there are some at-home tips you can follow before calling for emergency services. First, make sure that your thermostat is set at the right temperature, this might sound silly, but it’s a common mistake. If setting the thermostat doesn’t work, try these steps: 

  1. Check circuit breakers for any trips.
  2. Check the service switch and turn it to the “on” position. 
  3. Check the wiring and connections to see if they’re loose or unplugged.
  4. If there is ice on or around your unit, turn it off to let it melt. 

If these extra tips and steps didn’t fix your problem, then it’s time to call for emergency HVAC services from Suntech Heating and Air. 

What To Do in a Plumbing Emergency

A plumbing emergency may not be remedied with any at-home tips or steps, and you may just have to call a professional right away. However, if you’re unsure about the severity of your plumbing problems and feel confident in your skill, then try these steps for emergency DIY plumbing:

  1. Turn off water sources and heating devices to prevent any hazards. 
  2. Locate and isolate any leaks.
  3. If your drains are clogged, remove any debris. 

If you still have a plumbing problem after trying these steps, then call Suntech and our expert plumbers can assist you.  

Emergency Plumbing Shutdowns


To turn off your water in a plumbing emergency, find your water meter and turn off the water to your house. Your water meter will most likely be outside on or around your house, in your basement, or laundry room. To check that your water is off, go to a faucet inside your home and turn it on, if there is water flowing then your water is not turned off. If no water flows from the faucet, then you know you successfully turned off the water to your home. 


If you notice sewer water backup or deeply clogged drains, stop running water and call your city, HOA, or village to see if there is a sewer backup near you. 

What’s Not Considered an Emergency


If you’re having issues with your HVAC, you should still schedule a service appointment, but the following are not typically considered an emergency: 

  • General repairs
  • Routine Cleanings or filter changes
  • Installations if the unit still works
  • System upgrades
  • Temporary power outages in your area. 


Just because you have plumbing problems, that doesn’t mean you need emergent repairs or services. The following plumbing issues are not considered emergency-worthy: 

  • Dripping faucets, hoses, or any other water source. 
  • A one-time sink, tub, or toilet clog.
  • Slow drainage or pooling in your tub/shower. 
  • Hidden mold/mildew due to water exposure. 

air conditioning serviceWhy Choose Suntech

When you need emergency repairs for your home or commercial HVAC or plumbing system in the Oklahoma City metro area, you can count on Suntech Heat and Air to diagnose the problem, find a quick solution, and get your system back up and running. We are ready to help seven days a week and guarantee quality service regardless of the hour.

We also promise:

  • No extra charge for emergency calls
  • Never an overtime charge on nights, weekends, or holidays
  • Honest explanations and pricing so you can make a decision that’s best for you
  • Licensed, professional technicians you can trust

When you need emergency service for your home or commercial HVAC or plumbing system,  contact us at 405-351-6511 in Oklahoma City or email info@suntechokc.com.

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