Commercial HVAC Services in Oklahoma City

Suntech’s Commercial HVAC Services in Oklahoma City  

A properly functioning HVAC system is critical to the everyday activities of conducting business in Oklahoma City. That’s why for over 30 years, Suntech Heat and Air has provided premier HVAC services to businesses and commercial properties throughout the Oklahoma City metro area. With our extensive experience, we understand the unique needs of different commercial properties in OKC. 

At Suntech, we’re proud to provide local business owners with expert installations, repairs, and maintenance services on all types of commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. 

Our Commercial HVAC Services

HVAC installation and Replacement for Businesses

If you find yourself making frequent repairs to your HVAC system, it may not make much financial sense—instead, consider replacing your system. At Suntech Heating & Air, we value the businesses we serve and want to make sure you make the right decision when it comes to scheduling a service with us. Our team will help you select the best HVAC system for your commercial property to fit your budget and your business’s cooling and heating needs. 

Commercial HVAC Repairs 

Commercial HVAC systems may need repair when there is no airflow, the thermostat is malfunctioning, or any other issues that are causing irregular functioning.  

Preventative Maintenance for Commercial HVAC Systems 

Just like homes, commercial properties need to have their HVAC system routinely maintained to ensure a comfortable environment for employees and clients. In preventative maintenance appointments, our technicians thoroughly inspect all components of your heating and cooling systems while providing a detailed report on their condition. 

Commercial HVAC Emergency Services

Sometimes HVAC problems pop up out of nowhere—if that happens to you, then call Suntech for an HVAC emergency service to diagnose and remedy any unexpected problems. 

We Service All Types of Commercial HVAC Systems 

As your commercial HVAC system ages, it will require frequent maintenance and repairs. However, opting for a new HVAC system will mitigate the need for repairs, maintenance, or cleanings, as well as provide premier temperature control and comfort. From commercial-sized coolers in grocery stores and gas stations to chillers for large, industrial-sized buildings, we handle it all. The different types of commercial HVAC systems that we install and service include: 

  • Rooftop Units
  • Make-up Air Systems
  • Commercial Boilers
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Humidifier/Dehumidifiers

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Systems 

Although residential and commercial HVAC systems serve the same purposes of heating, cooling, and ventilating, there are drastic differences between the two. 

Residential HVAC Systems
Commercial HVAC Systems


  • Smaller
  • Simpler components 
  • Bigger
  • Uses more energy


  • Backyard
  • Side of the house
  • Swamp coolers 
  • Rooftops 


Similar structures and complexity across all residential homes.  Varies based on the number of occupants in the building & whether it’s used periodically or constantly. 


  • Smaller drainage system 
  • Drains through a single pipe into a pan outside the house
  • Larger drainage system
  • Drains through multiple pipes and pans across the building 

Mechanism & Equipment

  • Typically a standalone HVAC system. 
  • Cannot be modified or expanded 
  • Typically a modular HVAC system. 
  • Easy maintenance & upgrades
  • Focuses on humidity and temperature control

Maintenance Costs

Home HVAC systems have less to them, making the maintenance costs cheaper all around.  Due to the complexity and size of commercial HVAC units, it costs more to have them maintained and requires a licensed & trained professional.

Reap the Benefits of Our Commercial Services 

Energy Efficient & Saves You Money

An energy-efficient commercial HVAC system can save you money on your utility bill each month which can add up to big savings over time. 

Automation & Control

With new and modern HVAC systems, it’s easier than ever to control your HVAC system. You can even set it up to automatically put out cold or hot air at the times you need or want it most. 

Better Indoor Air Quality

When you have your existing HVAC system serviced or have a new one installed, then you can expect better indoor air quality that’ll improve your allergies and lung health. 

Improve Employee Performance

If it’s too hot, cold, or humid in the workplace, then your employees may be uncomfortable and not perform as well. Sometimes a well-running HVAC system is all it takes to boost productivity and efficiency. 


Keep your commercial property well-ventilated to enhance air quality and improve overall temperature control.

Regulation Compliance

Feel peace of mind knowing your commercial HVAC system is up to code and follows your city’s local rules and regulations requirements. 


How Often To Schedule Maintenance

We recommend scheduling a maintenance service for your HVAC system every quarter, and before any major heating or cooling start-ups. The best times to schedule are in the spring right before summer, and in the fall right before winter. 

In a routine HVAC maintenance appointment, you can expect our expert technicians to:  

1. Check and replace air filters.

2. Check all HVAC components including:

    • Electrical lines and inside coils
    • Drain pipes and pans
    • Vents 
    • Thermostat 

3. Tighten connections and check for any damages that need repairs. 

How Long Do Commercial Units Last?

You can expect a commercial HVAC system to last for 10-20 years, depending on how well they’re taken care of and the quality of the company that installed it. 

Why Choose Suntech

When you need emergency repairs for your home or commercial HVAC or plumbing system in the Oklahoma City metro area, you can count on Suntech Heat and Air to diagnose the problem, find a quick solution, and get your system back up and running. We are ready to help seven days a week and guarantee quality service regardless of the hour. We also promise:

  • No extra charge for emergency calls
  • Never an overtime charge on nights, weekends, or holidays
  • Honest explanations and pricing so you can make a decision that’s best for you
  • Licensed, professional technicians you can trust

When you need emergency service for your home or commercial HVAC or plumbing system,  contact us at 405-351-6511 in Oklahoma City or email

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