Rebates and Credits

Oklahoma Rebate and Tax Information for HVAC and Geothermal:

Federal tax credits for energy efficiency have been renewed. Contact us for details.

City of Edmond

Oklahoma based electric provider information and rebates

  • OG&E Geothermal Information – rebates are available. *Depending on availability of funds.
  • Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (OEC) Geothermal Information – multiple rebates. Geothermal heatbump $500/ton
  • Central Rural Electric Cooperative (CREC) Energy Efficiency Information –  geothermal heatpump $750/ton.
  • Cimmarron Electric COOP geothermal rebate $1050.00/ton. An additional $225 for desuperheater.
  • CK Energy COOP Geothermal information.  CK offers a free Geothermal Loop Program and geothermal heatpump rebate of $1050/ton. Plus $150 for hotwater De-superheater.

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Be sure to tell your service technician if you will be pursuing any tax credits or rebates.

  • Suntech Heat and Air is not liable for any rebate or tax credit returns. See rebate provider or tax professional for details.
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