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Clogged Drain Repair & Cleaning in Oklahoma City

Plumbing problems occur at the most inconvenient times. Perhaps you’re holding a family reunion or hosting the company cookout on business property. Amid the fun, conversation, and laughs, someone frantically calls for help. 

A toilet has overflowed, or a pipe has burst. Suntech Heat and Air has over 30 years of experience providing residential and commercial drain services. We rescue your property with 24/7 drain and sewer services. 

Common Drain and Sewer Issues

Many symptoms of drainage issues are subtle at first. You may not notice them for months at a time. Keep an eye out for the following concerns:

  • Nasty odors: Rotten or stagnant odors wafting from your drains indicate blockages lurking within.
  • Gurgling sounds: Toilets and sinks shouldn’t make unusual noises.
  • Weak toilet flushes: If your toilet fails to evacuate waste in one flush, it may need professional sewer services.
  • Constant clogs: No matter what you do, you cannot remedy that stubborn blockage by yourself.
  • Water backups: If you notice water pooling around your ankles every time you shower, a drain issue is certainly the culprit.

Of course, some situations are more sudden. If you discover an explosive backup in your home, call Suntech Heat and Air for emergency plumbing services immediately.

What Should I Look Out For?

Drain cleaning in OKC encompasses more than the tiny drain in your bathroom sink. Keep an eye on:

  • Toilets: An overflowing toilet can expose occupants to contaminated blackwater, which may spread dangerous pathogens. 
  • Kitchen sinks: You likely allow more food than you think to go down the kitchen drain. 
  • Bathroom sinks: Brushing your teeth or shaving your face can wreak havoc on your drainage system. 
  • Floor drains: These wastewater outlets can quickly become traps for various types of debris. 
  • Bathroom tubs: Few substances can clog a drain as quickly as dead skin cells, soap scum, and shed hair.
  • Shower drains: Like tub drains, shower drains capture much of the waste of our hygiene routines. 
  • Washing machines: Many Oklahoma City residents don’t realize that washing machines also connect to their drain and sewer systems. 
  • Dishwasher drains: Your dishwasher disposes of food waste, some of which gets caught in its drainage system. 
  • Garbage disposals: While a garbage disposal can help protect your drainage system, it will never be perfect. 

Our OKC Drain and Sewer Services

Drain Cleaning

OKC residents often schedule our drain and sewer services for surprising reasons. Materials flowing into your drains and toilets can cause significant backups:

  • Grease and oil from cooking
  • Sanitary and paper products besides toilet paper
  • Food particles that should go in the garbage can
  • Shed hair and animal fur
  • Some bath and hygiene products

Our technicians use tiny cameras to pinpoint the blockage before dislodging it with augers or industrial drain snakes.

Sewer Services

Many property owners never think twice about their sewer systems. That’s why our commercial and residential sewer line repair expertise comes in handy for the following:

  • Pipe replacement from collapsed, corroded, or cracked pipes: Tree roots and corrosion cause sewer lines to degrade.
  • Sewer rebuilding: We rebuild your sewer line if it sustains significant damage.
  • Sewer line repair: Our technicians insert a fresh line section to fix small cracks and fissures. 
  • Line obstructions: Sewer blockages are no match for our industry-leading equipment. 
  • Offset lines or pipes: Sometimes, pipe joints disconnect and need replacement. 
  • Root problems: We remove tree roots infiltrating your sewer. 
  • Leaking joints: Even small joint leaks expose your property to toxic waste. 
  • Sump pump failure: Our techs get your sump pump in working order. 

Sewer Line Repairs

Underground sewer lines often receive little maintenance or attention, leading to damaged pipe materials or sizable clogs that send contaminated blackwater and greywater back into the building. Suntech Heat and Air repairs or replaces outdated and damaged pipes.

Drain and Sewer Hydro Jetting

Hydrojetting is one of our most powerful drain and sewer cleaning services. We connect a water jet to your problematic drain or sewer and blast a constant stream of water into the pipe, removing the clog in an eco-friendly and efficient manner. 

Rooter Services

Tree roots tend to grow toward water sources and often mistake sewer pipes as underground reservoirs, penetrating them to access the water inside. Our rooter services address these concerns, protecting your plumbing from potentially dangerous contamination. 

Why Hire a Professional for Clogged Drain Lines?

Many drain cleaning formulas do more harm than good. Their corrosive formulas can weaken your pipes, leading to damaged drainage systems. Eventually, you’ll need residential or commercial drain repair to mitigate this damage. 

How Often To Get Drain Cleaning Done

If you can’t remember the last time you hired drain cleaning in Edmond, OK, call our team soon. Schedule annual plumbing maintenance for additional protection, saving you the headache and expense of a major repair. 

You Can Count on Suntech

Contact Suntech Heat and Air for commercial or residential drain and sewer services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and surrounding communities.

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