Check Your Heater for Oklahoma’s Winter

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Oklahoma winters are unpredictable. They seem to appear out of nowhere, come and go as they please, and wreck havoc while they’re here. Don’t let the roller coaster temperatures and surprise snowstorms catch you off guard; start taking the necessary steps now to prepare your home heating system for the wild weather.

The first Oklahoma ice event is not the time to find out if your heater made it through the summer intact. Furnace tune-ups and preventative maintenance in the early to late fall are a great way to check the system’s operation, avoid expensive repairs, and ensure it’s ready for that first big freeze.

Our experienced and licensed professionals at Suntech Heat and Air have seen their fair share of frigid-temperature failures, and want to help make sure your heating system is winter-ready. We have been keeping the OKC Metro warm for over 32 years and are committed to ensuring your family stays safe and comfortable with every change of the seasons.

What Should You Prepare Your Heater for Winter?

Here are a few measures you can take to prepare your heater for the months ahead. As with any home maintenance, be sure to take all proper precautions before inspecting or servicing your system, including adequate ventilation and electrical safety measures.

  1. Make sure the area around the furnace is clear of any objects, especially flammable items. The exhaust flue, located outside the home, should also be cleared of any debris, as should all interior vents. Any blockages can hinder proper circulation and cause the furnace unit to overheat.
  2. Winter heating sources increase the risk of carbon monoxide, so safeguard your home from unexpected leaks. This is especially important if you are testing an old or potentially malfunctioning unit. Check to see that furnace blower doors are properly sealed, ensuring any toxic gas is correctly vented. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, and make sure existing alarms have new batteries and are functioning properly.
  3. Lack of use during the summer months can cause dust and debris to collect on the burners and in the burner chamber. While clearing any accumulation, be sure to check for any rust or misaligned parts.
  4. Test your thermostat. Switch the unit from cooling to heating, and set the temperature higher than normal. The startup should be immediate. You can also turn the unit off before switching to heat.
  5. Clean or change the filters. Filters quickly collect dust, dirt, and allergens, and should be changed every three months at a minimum to allow air to circulate freely. The cleaner your filters are, the more efficiently your unit will operate.

At some point in its operational life, your heater will require some kind of repair or parts replacement or another, and often at the most inopportune time. Detailed, thorough pre-winter maintenance of your heater can help you identify and remedy any potential problems, and help guarantee an eventless winter.

If you do happen to find something amiss with your heater system, or just don’t feel comfortable handling these preventative measures yourself, our professionals at Suntech Heat and Air are ready to help. We are always on call and pride ourselves on responding within 24 hours.

Contact Suntech Heat and Air for a Full Heater Tune-up

Don’t get left out in the cold. Call us today to schedule your heater tune-up, and let our experts give you confidence and peace of mind in your home’s heating system.

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