Suntech Mechanical specializes in installation of open-loop and closed-loop geothermal systems.

 We offer systems from WaterFurnace , BOSCH, and ClimateMaster (an Oklahoma-based company). Our installers are factory,  IGSHPA and NATE certified.

WHAT is Geothermal?

Geothermal systems use a heat pump that is connected to a circulating loop that is buried underground.  These systems take advantage of the earth’s constant temperature (50-60 degrees Fahrenheit) to heat and cool your home or business while using less electricity than traditional systems.  Geothermal systems transfer heat from the earth into your home or business in the winter and pull the heat back into the earth for cooling in the summer.

WHY go with a Geothermal System?

These systems take advantage of a renewable energy source, the earth’s temperature, therefore saving money on the cost of heating and cooling your home or business.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, geothermal systems use 25% to 50% less electricity than traditional AC units, and can pay for themselves in as little as 2 years.  Geothermal systems can be installed as part of new construction as well as retrofitted in a small side yard on an existing home or business.  Though the initial cost of installation is generally more than a traditional system, with federal, state and local rebates, the cost of a geothermal system is comparable to a high-end energy efficient HVAC systems.  You can use the ClimateMaster Geothermal Cost Savings Calculator to determine how much you can save with a geothermal system over your existing traditional system.


Rebate Information:

Federal tax credits for energy efficiency  are up to 30% of the cost as a tax credit.

City of Edmond

Oklahoma based electric provider information and rebates

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